An Original - Volunteer Highlight

darby-volunteer-highlightThis is Darby. She is one of the original West Nashville Dream Center volunteers. Woot Woot!Darby is an Adopt-A-Block leader and helped launch a Tuesday night running program for the kids, in her spare time. She spends her days as a teacher at Tusculum Elementary and has a classroom of multi-cultural children she adores. We think they are pretty lucky to have her.Here is her West Nashville Dream Center story!How long have you served at the WNDC?"Since we opened our door, and served this community through Adopt A Block a year prior to us moving in :)"What ministry is your fav?"Adopt-A-Block"Best memory?"Oh the memories I have from my block are endless! I've been invited inside for a grilled cheese, I've delivered bikes to a single mom and her children, I've prayed on porches, I've gone in homes and helped change light bulbs! One of my favorite memories happened recently. I was walking the blocks picking up trash and inviting people to our cookout hosted by The Hills Church. We knocked on a door where one of our kids ministry little girl lives. I told her about the lunch, and then she asked what we were doing. I told her picking up trash and telling people about lunch. She asked if she could come, put on some gloves and grabbed a trash bag! She knew most of the children on the street, knocked on their doors and gave them all of the details including, "I hope you can make it! We'd love to see you there!" before she left the door. Seeing this little girl get out of her house on a cold and rainy day to serve her friends and neighborhood was by far my best memory."What is your why for serving here?"Being here for almost 4 years and seeing a lot of these kids grow up, it's clear the impact this place has on their lives. Especially the teenagers we have now that were only 8 or 9 when they started coming to the West Nashville Dream Center. I see how different they are from their peers, and the choices that they make knowing they have a family at the Dream Center that believes in them, loves them and will hold them accountable. They have refuge in this place, a place to get off the street, out of the house and know they will always be loved. They choose to come here for Sunday services, they choose to come here for community nights, they choose to come here for a cookout, they choose to come shoot hoops with friends here and that is exactly why we all do what we do here everyday at the Dream Center."Want to get involved after hearing Darby's story? Visit our online volunteer sign up form HERE.IMG_9524.jpegIMG_6632.jpegIMG_0239.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgIMG_0176.JPGIMG_5295.jpeg