Volunteer Highlight - Jenny from the Block

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No really, we can call her that because she is Jenny and she is an Adopt-A-Block leader! We met Jenny a couple years ago and first asked her to serve with our kid's ministry. Jenny kindly asked after serving faithfully, "Can I serve somewhere where I don't have the work with kids?" Turns out, that area of serving was not her strength. We joke about it now and the rest of the story is that YES, you don't have to work with kids to be a part of the ministry at the West Nashville Dream Center. So, Jenny soon started volunteering on our Adopt-A-Block, Neighborhood Check-In team. A year later, she is now volunteering to help us coordinate our Adopt-A-Blocks and continually holds us accountable to live out what we say, "See a need, meet a need." She follows up with neighbors from the block she leads and helps find resources for our community. This is her West Nashville Dream Center story.
How long have you served at the WNDC?
 1.5 years
How did you hear about us?
Katie Kines / Darby Herod's Community Group
What ministry is your fav?
Adopt A Block
Best memory?
Welcoming 3 different families to a West Nashville Dream Center event after inviting them for months during AAB.
What is your why?
 Love. Everything about the Dream Center is love. How can we love on this person, this family, this neighborhood? That's how I see the staff and volunteers approaching everything. Love breaks down walls and barriers and stereotypes and gets to the heart of each person. And that is a beautiful thing to witness.