Like so many young kids that have come to the Dream Center over the past four years, Kani just started showing up one Sunday. Now we can’t remember a time without him.Kani has a genuine curiosity to learn and he wanted to know every facet of serving at the Dream Center. This kid really wanted to help out. He’d be waiting for our staff to arrive to get started. He was less about what we could do for him and much more about how he could help us.Recently, Kani’s mother, Stacy, stood up at our Dream Center Mom’s group and shared that at one time her son’s story was full of heartbreak and challenges. Stacy tearfully explained that one of Kani’s teachers told her he was going to be a dropout at 12 years old and saw little to no potential in her son. Stacy even described Kani being ruthlessly bullied at school.But that was in the past. Today, Stacy joyfully declares Kani has found his home away from home at the West Nashville Dream Center and went on to say that above any program or mentor Kani has every received help from, she knows that as long as he has the Dream Center, he’ll be ok.Here, Kani is loved unconditionally, encouraged daily and serves faithfully. Stacy explains, “It no longer matters what the teachers think or what the other kids say, my son is going to do great things with his life.” We couldn’t agree more. After all, there is not a week that goes by that Kani isn’t taking care of the farm animals, directing Sunday morning traffic, setting up speakers, even taking on the role of Sunday DJ. Now our only problem is making sure Kani still understands he is still a kid and can’t tell the other kids what to do! He has that much ownership in the Dream Center.Like all of the kids we reach on a daily basis, their successes and failures become ours as well. We cherish each opportunity to walk through challenging journeys by their side, cheering them on every step of the way.Won't you cheer them on as well by joining the Dream Team, becoming a monthly donor, knowing you have a chance to change a life like Kani's? More info and a link to sign up below: