It's Ok to Leave - Katy Cash - Volunteer Highlight

Katy Cash's first Sunday was not an ideal introduction for a potential volunteer.  She walked into volunteer cancellations and short staff. Without hesitation, she agreed to hop in the car with staff member, Miranda Telford, to grab the sermon file for the worship service.They had a great introductory conversation and it was apparent that Katy had found a place to serve that fit like a missing puzzle piece. When they returned, Katy joined the 4th-6th grade class to shadow for the day and poor thing, she got dragged onto the concrete during a game of Trash Can, ON HER FIRST DAY SERVING! It didn't phase her one bit.She stayed after class to help serve lunch to moms and kids. When she asked, "What else can I do," Miranda replied, "Go Home!""Are you sure?""Yes, you are free to go!" Katy, a teacher, had told Miranda earlier that she was going back to work the next day, after her Summer break.This trend continues every time she serves. We have to make her leave. She gives her whole self when she is with us, whether it's throwing a football with the kids, teaching the 4th-6th grade class or helping us with a special event.Welcome to the family Katy. We hope you enjoy her WNDC Story:

How long have you served at the WNDC?
A little over a month
How did you hear about us?
What ministry is your fav?
Kids ministry on Sundays
Best memory?
I have only been working at WNDC for a little over a month but I always leave there with my heart full of joy! My favorite memories are seeing the light bulb go off when we did the lesson on poverty... and of course getting hugs from the kids because they don't want to leave you!
What is your why?
"Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Sometimes that means going out of your way to give your time, support, encouragement, resources, and love to those who need it. I was so blessed to have a family and church who helped me learn how to do that at a young age. I want to keep spreading that love.