Why I'm Part of the Dream - Katie Kines

22853284_10212177564526653_4320650628105425575_nKatie Kines is our Director of Kids Ministry and Donor Engagement. She has helped us navigate our first year as a non-profit with ease, keeping the ball rolling on funding needs and fundraising events. She continues to make sure we have a solid Kids Program at our center. "When Miranda asked me to write this blog, I honestly had no idea what I was going to say. I think my first response to “Why are you part of the dream?” was honestly “Why wouldn’t I be?”I’ve been participating in mission trips, whether at home or abroad since I was in high school. I was actually on a mission trip in the Appalachian Mountains when my grandmother passed away, and before I could call home to figure out how to make it back for the funeral my grandfather called and told me that I was not to come home-- that I was exactly where my grandmother and where God wanted me to be. I think that was my earliest memory of being part of something bigger than myself--being part of the body of Christ. Since that time, I’m not sure I even knew why, but I knew God had a plan for me that consisted of dedicating my life to helping others.I actually moved to Nashville for a job I previously held at a local children’s hospital and, to tell you the truth, I don’t know that I ever saw myself leaving the medical field-- that is until I came to the West Nashville Dream Center. I came to the WNDC one of the first Sunday’s it was open and ended up being in the nursery with our only baby at the time. I then found myself back there every Sunday being part of the kid’s ministry, and somehow that grew into being part of the Community Night ministry as well. I then stepped on staff temporarily when TJ went and finalized her adoption of her precious second Fletcher kid, Caleb, and never left. Once TJ got back we realized we had created a new staff position and I haven’t looked back. I have a lot of responsibilities and a couple different job titles at the WNDC but the true reason I’m here is that I see Jesus in every single child we serve. I’m not biologically a mama yet, but I like to tell people that I have about fifty of my own children on any given day. They’re why I come back day in and day out; to be reminded that our Heavenly Father loves us not because of what we can do for Him, but simply because we’re His. That’s what I want our kids to know too--that they are seen by and loved by not only us but by Jesus. I believe I’m doing exactly what God called me to do and I’d like to think that my grandparents, who are both by Jesus’ side now, would say the same."