37705084_10213889712729255_4299362456293081088_n-1-1457003244-1532454735900.jpgKiara has been part of the dream for two months. We first met her at our June Dream Streets Saturday going door to door handing out food donations and inviting families to our Summer day camp, Summer is for Kids.Kiara has been impacted by Dream Streets, Mobile Food Ministry, Summer is for Kids, and Dream Center Moms. All of these ministries have been a part of her life since we went mobile. Also, her son will be attending Cockrill Elementary this fall so he is a recipient of a school supply sponsorship! Find out more on how you can sponsor a child's school supply list and backpack at Cockrill here.Read more of Kiara's story below.Tell us about you and your family? "I am a single mother of three small children, ages 10, 5, and 2. I have no family here in Nashville. I moved here from Paragould, Arkansas, a very small town. My reason for moving here is because my 2-year-old was diagnosed with kidney, lung, liver, and brain disease by the doctors in Arkansas but they wouldn’t send him to any specialists."Kiara came to Nashville because of Vanderbilt. She took matters into her own hands."I went in for testing of his kidneys, no disease. Just a right kidney that’s lodged in his pelvic. It never came up from that spot during his growth in my belly to it's normal spot. Lung disease is asthma, but that’s all better! He had an upper respiratory infection every month, sometimes catching 2 of the worst 3 at the same time (RSV, pneumonia, flu). He’s only had 2 infectious this year. MRI and brain function done at Vanderbilt showed his brain was perfectly normal! Liver disease never found! He was even born with a collapsed lung, perfect now! I just give it all to God and my faith healed him! God is so real and so is Jesus. Vanderbilt has been a blessing to him." IMG_4458.jpegHow did you learn about the West Nashville Dream Center and what was your first impression?"I learned about the West Nashville Dream Center through the door to door food giveaway, which led me to my first impression of, “Wow, these people are a blessing”." IMG_7031When did you want to know more about the center and the ministries?"I wanted to know more after my family was invited to a school's out block party, where I became knowledgeable about Dream Center Moms group."What were your hesitations about getting involved?"I hesitated for a minute because I’m new to the city and I didn’t know how people were out here or how the churches were, due to my bad experiences at churches."What is your favorite memory here?"My favorite memory is laughing with the moms at Jo's house."What ministry has impacted you the most?"The Dream Center Moms had the most impact."When did you feel like you were a part of the Dream Center family?"I’ve always felt apart of the family from the moment I stepped into the Mom’s Group meeting."