Lexi's Story

"My name is Alexis McCray, and I have 3 children: Ayden, Alaina, and Ayanna. We don’t have any blood family here in Tennessee, so having any kind of support is very scarce. God always seems to show up when we really need it though. I learned about the West Nashville Dream Center this past summer. They were doing a summer camp for the kids, so I sent my two older children, and we have been IN LOVE with this group of people ever since!Then I started going to the Dream Center Moms group a month later at a summer pool party and instantly I felt LOVED and that I BELONGED there amongst these VIRTUOUS women.I had some hesitations about getting involved. I have trust issues, so I don’t like telling my business around large crowds of people. I also don’t have a car currently. I hate asking for rides, but the WNDC is so helpful and ensures I have a ride to the ministries that I want to attend. I’m also learning to open up more about myself and my journey.My favorite memory is when TJ took us to the Habitat for Humanity Open House-- it gave me such inspiration and willpower to want even more for my kids. Then, when the Uprise Foundation came to speak, it fed my fire even more. That’s another reason I’m praying so hard for certain things like a car and daycare for my children-- because TJ and so many at the WNDC care about my family. I want to show them my appreciation and do the best in those programs for myself, my children, and my Dream Center friends."Lexi has been part of the dream since we went mobile in June. She never stepped foot in the building at 4007 Delaware Ave, but has been welcomed into the WNDC family by staff and volunteers showing up at her apartment complex. Lexi is one of the reasons why we continue to serve the community.