Deidre's Story

“I learned about the West Nashville Dream Center five years ago from volunteers repeatedly knocking on my door inviting us to programs, and I eventually let my kids attend. They told me all the fun things they did and the way they worshiped God, so I eventually attended myself. Everyone learned who I was quickly and it made me feel welcomed because people called me by my name! I wanted to know more about WNDC when I learned they met seven days a week doing different events, activities, dinners, and just enjoying each other’s company all while learning about Jesus and each other! My favorite part is the Mom’s group. I was skeptical at first because I’m a secretive person, and I thought I wouldn’t fit in. I became comfortable enough to open up and express myself. Life is a BIG journey, and now I have a group of people to tag along with me. I felt like I was a part of the dream when I learned that my opinion actually mattered. They want to hear what we think, how we feel and get our ideas as well. They believe in me. They support the woman I’m becoming. I had a dream and a vision to start my own business, and they made it become a reality. 

I started my race alone, but the WNDC is walking towards victory right beside me! 



Deidre started a professional cleaning business in 2017, has paid off a significant amount of debt this year and is working toward her dream of owning a home


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