Natalie's Story

natalies_blog“I came to a church service one Sunday for the first time by myself. When I sat down, a little boy came and climbed into my lap. His mom eventually came over and sat with us as well.I was blown away at the genuine love and family atmosphere I experienced. Instantly I knew I had to get more involved. I was able to mentor one of the younger girls for a little while, and soon started volunteering at Community Night. Community Night is something that I look forward to that gives me life every week. The children I get to serve are like family. Their love is genuine. There is no judgment. I truly feel like we are all equal, welcome and celebrating life amidst our struggles, even though our struggles look a little different. Regardless of what is going on in my life, I can smile, play, eat and love these kids and be loved by them. It reminds me what life is about.My time at the WNDC has inspired me to know that I have something to share and that those I meet, regardless of circumstance or walk of life, have something to share withme. The WNDC families are strong, and they don’t give up. I am inspired by the staff, and how they fight for me and for our families in West Nashville. No challenge is too big for them. The WNDC is truly the most real place I have seen in Nashville. "IMG_2481aNatalie is just one of the 132 volunteers it takes to run the WNDC on a weekly basis. Natalie has recently helped us connect with our Hispanic neighbors because of her Spanish-speaking background.