Protect and Empower through Community

"When I was first assigned to the community engagement initiative area, I had limited experience interacting with the community on a personal level. My previous experience was limited to responding to calls for service, which had little to no effect on building lasting relationships. I heard of the West Nashville Dream Center from multiple officers, and they had told me about the good they were doing in the community. When we approached the WNDC about the community engagement initiative, they welcomed us with open arms. They opened their doors to our team and allowed us to engage and participate in community gatherings and food giveaways. This enabled us to talk and interact with the residents that we serve in an informal and personal setting. We continue to build upon the relationships made through the WNDC. They help us gain a foothold in the 40/Clifton community, and I do not doubt that our mission would have been immeasurably more difficult without their assistance." Officer Albert Wilson - West C Flex Team /Community EngagementWe offer weekly meals and Community Nights for our neighbors and younger friends to enjoy. Our partnership with the local police precinct has also improved the perception of law enforcement in the community, and crime rates are down 25% due to the West Nashville Precinct Community Engagement initiative. Police officers show up at our events with one goal: to protect, support and invest in our families.