Martin and Malaysia


A family member shared info with Martin and Malaysia about the WNDC. When they first visited Mobile Food Monday at Village West, they were in awe of how dedicated the volunteers were. The food donations we were able to provide helped them make ends meet between paychecks. Now they attend Mobile Food Tuesday as well and bring their children to Community Night on Wednesdays. They are grateful for the new family they have found in the WNDC and believe God was in the details. Martin, Malaysia, Terossa and Martin III.



Norma has been coming to Fresh Fridays since we began the ministry four years ago. She now attends and serves at one of our mobile locations, St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.


We measure three metrics in our food programs: pounds of food recovered, the number of individuals coming to our food sites, and the family members that the individuals are able to feed with the donations they received. We track these metrics through our community members who attend ministries signing in each time they come and using a calibrated food scale to measure poundage of food each day. Since accruing all five of our food donation partners, we have been able to increase from distributing 500 pounds of food once per week to an average of 2000 pounds weekly. Since the inception of our food program from 2015 to 2019 in a fully mobile ministry model, we have increased our individuals impacted by approximately 378%. We have increased from feeding 281 people per month to 1062 people monthly. If we continue to increase at the rate of distribution and individuals served, three years from now we project to be impacting more than 4,000 people per month through over 8000 pounds of recovered, fresh food.

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Jackson was born and raised in West Nashville. He’s one of our most welcoming spirits at Mobile Food Tuesday and has been there since the beginning. Every week when the food truck rolls up to the corner of 40th and Albion he tells the staff to move out of the way and helps unload the grocery haul for the day. Grocery store partnerships through Second Harvest allow us to provide our communities with fresh produce, meats, and whole-grain food products that they otherwise do not have access to on a regular basis. Did you know that based on certain factors such as reliable transportation, degree of poverty, and prevalence of single-parent homes in one of our communities, residents have a zero percent chance of obtaining nutritious food on a regular basis? Help us fight against chronic hunger and the prevalence of food deserts by choosing to be part of the dream.“According to a report by the Food Research Action Center, one in four Americans worries about having enough money to put food on the table to feed his or her family. Food insecurity is a likely predictor of chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and mental health concerns.”

BRENDA (pictured left)


*Did you know that the latest statistics reveal that over 100,000 individuals in Davidson County are considered food insecure?If you’ve been around the West Nashville Dream Center food programs for any length of time, you’ve probably met Mrs. Brenda! She rotates to Mobile Food Tuesdays, Mobile Food Monday and Fresh Friday. She is a survivor of domestic abuse and is in recovery from substance addiction. When you meet Mrs. Brenda all you see is the joy radiating from her smile. She told one of our staff members that for the first time in her life she was excited to be part of a community and could not wait for the new WNDC building to open so that she could call it her church home. The WNDC became a place of healing for Mrs. Brenda and opened her eyes to the possibility of faith after many years of being absent from the church community. Stories like hers are the dream we seek through our food ministry.